We’re Always Looking for Talented People That Share Our Beliefs

Joining the Team at Orange & Gray

Who is Orange & Gray?

We help the best hearing care businesses in the US to be seen as the number one local provider, protect themselves from the fast-changing market conditions, and be truly celebrated for the great work that they do.

Through an exclusive members club, full-service marketing services, and a support network, you’ll be joining a close-knit family as we drive ourselves every single day to deliver results.

However, to join the Orange & Gray team, being talented is just part of the jigsaw.

You first need to match our beliefs.

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#1 – Kindness is KING

We don’t care if you’re the most talented individual on the planet, if you don’t put kindness at the forefront of everything that you do, then we’re not interested. We’re looking for team players that know that without each other, we’ll never achieve anything.

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#2 – We Take Responsibility

We’re 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that happens. Both good and bad. We’re a team of people that find solutions, even when it’s not our responsibility to find them.

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#3 – Our Members Don’t Pay Us, Our Members’ Patients Pay Us

Although it’s nice to do things that feel good and measure vanity metrics, the only thing that truly matters is the results that we generate for our members. You must understand that this is the only thing that matters.

The Story of Orange & Gray

Phil M Jones first met the hearing care industry in 2011, and although he was advising clinics on exactly what they need to do and exactly how they should do it, they either tried to get things done themselves or turned to local marketing agencies to implement these strategies … both resulted in them facing the same struggle.

In 2017, Phil reached out to one of the smartest marketing minds he knew and turned to fellow Brit, Oli Luke, to discuss the challenges.

Orange & Gray was born and has grown into a team of 18 dedicated experts throughout the world to deliver our members results, ensure they’re seen as the number one local provider, and help them to be better marketers.

With a duty to drive members’ results and help private practice audiologists to navigate the continuous market changes, Orange & Gray is now driving forward to help an industry need and help deserving businesses to flourish.

Why Join Our Team?

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Fantastic Benefits

  • Opportunities for US travel
  • Great team get-togethers/parties
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • A great team of kind, dedicated, and smart people
  • Lots of opportunity for internal growth
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Work Remotely

As the world has rapidly changed, so have we; as part of the Orange & Gray team, you will be able to work remotely from wherever you wish, with our team spread through six countries across 3 continents.

Although we’re located throughout the globe, we regularly get together for meet-ups.

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Join a Smart, Fun, and Dedicated Team

The key priority is to get sh*t done, but second on the agenda is to ensure we’re all having fun and feel passionate about the work that we’re doing. You’ll join a team of experts that are all on the same mission to support our members.

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Opportunity for Internal Growth

We have big goals … and most importantly, we have big plans to achieve them. You’ll be part of the mission, and as we continue to grow as we do year-on-year, it naturally opens up more and more opportunities to grow within the business.

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