Five Ways to Redistribute The Same Piece of Content

Written by Oli Luke

With content creation being one of the most important marketing activities that you can do to build a long-term sustainable and reputable online presence, I wanted to give you the inside scoop on how you can repackage and redistribute content.

Essentially, take one piece of content and use it for five different purposes.

To give you a simple visual walkthrough, I’m going to use an example.

“Hearing at Home” is a mobile hearing care service in Virginia. In early May 2020, they were featured on NBC News for the work they were doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 On the NBC website was a 2-minute video and a 150-word article.

Here’s how we took this piece of content and built it into a wider content strategy.

Step #1 – Built into a Blog 

The first job was to announce the news on their blog. This 300-word article shared what had happened, recapped the news story, and referenced the name of the reporter/news station.

This took what was a 150-word news article, doubled it in size, and tagged it to ensure it rivals NBC when somebody makes a relevant search.

Step #2 – Post on Social Media

Using this new blog post, the next step was to share this far and wide through social media channels.

The below message reached Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

NOTE: Hashtags are a great way to increase exposure for news-related content.

Step #3 – Uploading to YouTube

 The video from the news article was taken, recorded, and uploaded to “Hearing at Home’s” YouTube channel.

The important part here is the labeling of the video.

The title includes the relevant keywords, it creates curiosity, and it references the news outlet.

The description recaps what happened, marks the date, and then has links through to both the full news article and the blog on their website.

Step #4 – Adding to Email Signatures

The next thing that we did was add this to the email signatures of everybody within the business.

This means that on every email communication, the recipient can see the latest news, click through to the blog post, and increase exposure. 

It builds more trust for the provider, it shares the good news, and it’s another channel to reach more people.

Step #5 – Email Broadcast to Patients/Subscribers

The fifth step was to share this news with their email database. 

Inclusive of existing patients and leads, the email shared the news that they were featured on NBC, highlighted the fact that they were helping during the difficult times, and invited patients/leads to contact them if they needed any help.

It drove more attention, drove “my views,” and ensured that this was seen by everybody that needed to see it.

What Other Steps are There?

Depending on the piece of content, other steps could include sharing on platforms like Medium, using as print literature for offline promotions, and pushing for further press.

The moral of the story is that one piece of content, even if it’s just a short video, can be turned into five pieces of great content that will all serve you in different ways.

But being able to redistribute content is one of the biggest shortcuts to doing more with less and ensuring that the great work that you’re doing is being seen by as many people as possible.

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