What’s The ‘Inner Circle’?

The ‘Inner Circle’ is a private hand-selected group of the most forward-thinking hearing care businesses in the US, this group receives a plethora of tools, trainings, consulting and done-with-you marketing, to drive them to be the most successful clinics in the country.

We Do Not Deliver Marketing, We Deliver Transformations

Here’s The Five Ways That We Help Members to Transform Their Businesses

An External Marketing Department of Experts Working ON Your Business

With a team of 21 carefully selected experts across all aspects of marketing, members receive done-with-you marketing support to create and run all key marketing assets, campaigns and platforms.

It starts by developing your custom marketing plan, the ‘Execution’ team then gets to work to develop your unique value proposition, create and develop your website, manage your search engine optimization, drive your social media channels, build custom patient-nurturing automations, write, design and produce your monthly newsletter and create all supporting assets from pricing sheets through to internal signage and campaign materials.

Then best of all, once your new website is live and all your key fundamentals are in place, you’ll be able to access custom campaigns that are created for you every month aimed at building local awareness, driving new patients, staying ahead of the game and running methodical database campaigns. 

 Members have the smartest team of marketing experts in the industry in their corner, driving their marketing and on hand to discuss real-time opportunities and challenges.

Access to Expert Consultants on a Variety of Topics

Whatever challenges that members are facing, they have access to our team of experts to discuss and help.

Whether you need Phil M Jones attention on your pricing, value proposition or messaging, or you need Oli Luke’s attention to maximize an opportunity, or discuss ways to drive more revenue, our team of experts are on hand to help.

You’ll no longer be on the journey alone. Whatever your challenge, you’ll have a team of experts by your side.

Live Monthly ‘Inner Circle’ Calls

Every month, all ‘Inner Circle’ members – made up of some of the smartest thinking hearing care businesses in the country – join a 60-minute ‘Inner Circle’ member-only call.

On this call, you’re introduced to the following months marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to discuss challenge and opportunities, and we spotlight one member that is doing something incredible to learn the key lessons that we can all apply to our individual businesses.

Having so many smart people in one place to “mastermind” on any subject becomes incredibly helpful, with fellow members often being able to share their advice on the challenges that you may be facing that they have previously overcome.

Following each call, all members receive access to the recordings, key notes and a highlight video through a custom member’s area.

World Renown Expert Guests Every Month

The best ideas rarely come from within the industry but more often from outside the industry. That’s why, each month, our members are joined by a world-renown expert that is interviewed from the lens of hearing care.

This includes some of the most well-known authors and speakers on a variety of key subjects, as we understand how we can apply their key lessons, strategies and philosophies to our businesses.

From staff management, to content marketing, to customer service – these experts apply their genius to how we can do things better in the world of hearing care.

Following each call, all members receive access to the recordings, key notes and a highlight video through a custom member’s area.

Access to Private Trainings & Workshops For You, Your Providers and Your Front of Office

Maximizing every opportunity and understanding how to deal with all potential challenges is key to be the “best of the best” – that’s why members get access to a private members area that hosts a variety of workshops and trainings.

From trainings for the business owner through to workshops to help providers and front-of-office staff to better handle objections, overcome common challenges and drive more of the right conversations from patients.

“Before working with Orange & Gray, our website would maybe get one or two inquiries per month, but now we’re pulling patients through online sources consistently and predictably, which is translating into revenue.

During the 12 months that we’ve worked with you, our revenue has grown by 60%.”

Dr. Scott Marquardt

Clarity Hearing, TX

“Orange & Gray has helped take our business from great to fantastic!  Their fresh ideas on marketing methods keep the patients flowing into our office. I used to get a lot of ideas thrown at me but Orange & Gray gives me ideas and methodical ways of implementing them.

I would describe Orange & Gray as a secret weapon.  The combination of coaching and marketing has elevated my business to new heights.”

Dr. Sally Miranda

All About Hearing, TX

“We have only been working with Orange & Grey for about 6 months, but it has been a crazy 6 months.  They have helped through the shutdown, something no one has any experience with, and have been nothing short of amazing!  From helping us communicate and find innovative and safe ways to care for our patients, to finding unique ways to provide our valuable services and maintain income, they have been a true partner.  And as we move into a more normal environment, their ideas and respect for our profession has reinvigorated my excitement not only for our clinic, but audiology as a whole.  I am really patting myself on the back for deciding to work with this group of professionals!!

Lori Losey Lovato

Sound Audiology, WA

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