Celebrating Incredible ‘Inner Circle’ Members

Julie Shares Her 3 Favorite Things About Being Part of the ‘Inner Circle’ and Why She Now Feels Like She’s “About to Take Off!”

How It All Started

Dr. Julie Hubik of Cornerstone Audiology was one of the first “Inner Circle” members to join in January 2018.

With a well-respected business with 3 locations and a team of 13, Cornerstone Audiology delivers an incredible standard of audiological care and is well known for the red-carpet treatment that patients receive.

But prior to being part of the “Inner Circle” – Julie wasn’t getting the results that she wanted.

In her own words, she said:

“I was trying to do a lot of things myself and was trying to have a presence in everything, whether that was TV, direct mail, newspaper, dabbling in everything to stay afloat. I was working with another company for my website and was checking the boxes for doing all the right things, but they were all pretty shallow. I was touching base with upgrades or touching base with TNS, but it was just a very shallow attempt at my database, not realizing that I had a deep database that I could really dive into and maximize.”

Upon Julie joining the “Inner Circle” – we revalued her core value proposition, ensured she was documenting the amazing work that she was doing, and identified the key channels that needed focusing on to make the biggest difference to her results.

What Happened?

It would be difficult to list a few things, as the marketing strategy and assets have been entirely redeveloped, with a new approach to marketing.

Julie has reduced or cut every other marketing expense that she previously had and has a clear understanding of where her attention needs to go to make the biggest differences, both for new patients and revenue opportunities.

When asked what the three biggest differences that the “Inner Circle” has made, Julie answered:

#1 – Maximizing Marketing Campaigns 

Whereas previously, Julie admitted to being shallow in her approach to campaigns and just “checking the boxes” – the campaigns now being run by Julie and her team are meticulously planned and executed.

“From the first time that we start working on the messaging, to pulling the right people, to just being able to communicate with each other back and forth to make sure that this campaign is as successful as possible. That has been huge,” said Julie.

“Having Oli’s effort in this has really helped me to be able to bounce ideas around to make sure that each campaign that we do is extremely successful.”

By running smart campaigns to highly segmented portions of Julie’s database with the right follow up, Julie has seen record results from campaigns and now has her future campaigns outline.

#2 – Driving Phil’s Ideas

Through the “Inner Circle’s” calls and through the workshops/resources that are produced, many clients enjoy Phil’s unique take and ideas for how members can drive more revenue and opportunities.

By taking approaches from outside of the industry and applying them within, this has resulted in Julie being the first in the industry to do amazing things.

Julie said, “Every time Phil talks, I get something out of it, and he has these great ideas to generate more revenue or just little things in your business that over time really make a huge difference. And just being able to grab a hold of some of those great ideas that he just throws out there and actually implement them has been a huge win for me.”

#3 – The Stuff Beyond Marketing

The “Inner Circle” is not just marketing, it’s all the important stuff that drives your business forward, and Julie is a key implementer of all of these.

From pricing strategy through to commission structures, the input from Phil and the team has changed the way that Cornerstone does things.

“Phil has helped me with compensation packages and pricing, structure; it’s nice to have an outside perspective with a business mind to get out of the audiologist in your head and really focus on the financial impact that little decisions like that can make on your business,” explained Julie.

The Outcome

This is a constantly evolving relationship, and we’re so proud to have Julie as an “Inner Circle” member.

“We have worked out a lot of the kinks, and we are able to move forward with incredible growth and reduce a great deal of other expenses in marketing that weren’t generating the same results,” said Julie.

“I’m really looking forward to continuing to think through a lot of these campaigns and get them to be more automated. We will be doing them more regularly throughout the year instead of wasting money on things that don’t work or that might just cover your expense of the cost of the campaign.”

She added, “I feel like we’re just about to take off.”

What’s Her Advice to You?

“I would say that joining the ‘Inner Circle’ at O&G is a huge benefit to those in private practice.  They can point you in the right direction with their experience in the industry and help you to maximize the leads that are there but you haven’t tapped into,” said Julie.

“I’ve always believed that you need to run in the lane that you know how to run in, and surround yourself with other smart people to help you fill the gaps, the investment will definitely pay off.”

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