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#1 – Unique Plan Created for You

On an initial consultation, a custom marketing plan is developed based on your unique circumstances to break down the key marketing steps that need to be taken to build your ideal business.

This includes aspects of digital marketing, value proposition, pricing strategy, campaign planning, and how to develop your unique edge in today’s marketplace.

#2 – ‘Execution Team’ Working on Your Behalf

Your unique plan will then be implemented by our “execution team” that works with you to develop all your brand assets, craft your story, execute your bespoke marketing campaigns, and develop all your supporting materials.

This includes, but is not exclusive to:

✔ Development of Unique Value Proposition
✔ Website Creation & Development
✔ Advanced Search Engine Optimization
✔ Patient Journey Creation
✔ Logo/Brand Creation
✔ Pricing Sheets and Patient Presentation Materials
✔ Social Media Management
✔ Ongoing website management and support
✔ Custom Article and “Expert Blog” Creation
✔ Development of Internal Systems
✔ Custom Marketing Campaigns
✔ Access to design resource for internal signage, mailer design, and more

#3 – Monthly Expert Guests

One of many members’ favorite part of being in the “Inner Circle” is the expert guests. Every month, a world-renown expert and author joins us to share their life’s work and how their key lessons can be applied to the hearing care industry and your business.

You’re able to ask questions, learn from them, and apply their proven strategies from outside of the industry to your business.

From experts on performance, content, finance, and personal growth, there is a variety of subjects.

#4 – Regular ‘Inner Circle’ Calls

Every month, all “Inner Circle” members join a live video call where we share ideas, celebrate wins, openly discuss challenges, and collectively support each other through thick and thin.

Having some of the US’s best private practice owners sharing advice and helping you to overcome challenges that they have previously faced allows you to “see the wood from the trees.”

The second part of these monthly calls shares your “Inner Circle” Campaign Plans – this includes three marketing campaigns that you can put into action over the following month with simple step-by-step instructions.

#5 – Consultants On-Demand

Whatever challenge you’re facing, somebody else has faced the same challenge and found a solution. As an “Inner Circle” member, you’ll have access to consultants specializing in different areas.

Whether you need help with price, staff, strategy, marketing, growth, or anything in between, you’ll be supported by the right consultant to help you with your challenges and help identify solutions.


#6 – Complimentary Access to All Trainings & Workshop

As an “Inner Circle” member, you will receive full unguarded access to all courses, campaigns, and workshops that are available.

With a backlog of existing trainings available and a front row seat to new trainings, you will be able to invite staff and use these tools to improve the skill set of the key people within your team.

“Before working with Orange & Gray, our website would maybe get one or two inquiries per month, but now we’re pulling patients through online sources consistently and predictably, which is translating into revenue.

During the 12 months that we’ve worked with you, our revenue has grown by 60%.”

Dr. Scott Marquardt

Clarity Hearing, TX

“Orange & Gray has helped take our business from great to fantastic!  Their fresh ideas on marketing methods keep the patients flowing into our office. I used to get a lot of ideas thrown at me but Orange & Gray gives me ideas and methodical ways of implementing them.

I would describe Orange & Gray as a secret weapon.  The combination of coaching and marketing has elevated my business to new heights.”

Dr. Sally Miranda

All About Hearing, TX

“We have only been working with Orange & Grey for about 6 months, but it has been a crazy 6 months.  They have helped through the shutdown, something no one has any experience with, and have been nothing short of amazing!  From helping us communicate and find innovative and safe ways to care for our patients, to finding unique ways to provide our valuable services and maintain income, they have been a true partner.  And as we move into a more normal environment, their ideas and respect for our profession has reinvigorated my excitement not only for our clinic, but audiology as a whole.  I am really patting myself on the back for deciding to work with this group of professionals!!

Lori Losey Lovato

Sound Audiology, WA

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