How Virginia Mobile Hearing Care Company Broke All Sales Records, Established Strong Brand Presence and Stopped Having to “Sell”

How It All Started

The three business partners at Hearing at Home felt “stagnant.”

Although they knew that they had something different with their mobile service, after four years of running their business and having used four marketing agencies previously, they were “in a funk mentally.”

In co-owner Michael Combs’s words, the biggest challenge on reflection was:

“We thought we were somebody different, when in reality, we were the same as everyone else in our market, the same as all our competitors. Our website was very generic, our marketing materials, nothing stood out, and we missed totally the whole purpose of our company. We weren’t relaying that information correctly to not only businesses but our future patients and so we were just being classified as every other hearing clinic.”

The decision to partner with Orange & Gray wasn’t easy. 

“It was a nervous thing to go from paying someone half to cost to doubling our marketing cost. So for us as a company to say, ‘Let’s go all in,’ it was scary,” they said.

What Happened?

Hearing at Home had a very unique difference in that they are mobile. The first project was to shine a spotlight on what makes them unique and build a brand that highlights this while using messaging that plays to their strengths.

We quickly discovered that they have three key audiences:

  1. Busy professionals
  2. Retirement villages
  3. People that prefer convenience

By applying marketing messaging to attract these three groups, we were able to build an entirely new brand presence.

By then making their core call-to-action to be a “Check Your ZIP” – we were able to capture leads at all stages of their hearing journey.

The second project was to build a transparent pricing structure to ensure that when they turned up for appointments, they maximized their close-rate and it simplified the entire “How much?” conversation.

By creating four pricing packages and including them on their website for the world to see, it has changed the dynamics of every sales conversation by clearly showing what a patient receives and the benefits of each package.

Hearing at Home Pricing

The third project was demonstrating exactly what a patient gets by working with them and why it’s entirely different to what any other clinic could offer.

This was achieved by creating an on-brand “Patient Journey.”

This highly visual roadmap gave patients a step-by-step walkthrough, so they can clearly understand what will happen when they partner with Hearing at Home.

The Outcome

Having just ended their record month of sales, having grown sales by 76% – the strong brand presence, transparent pricing, and audience focus have given the three business partners a new lease of life.

In their own words:

“Numbers are one thing. I mean, even if our numbers weren’t in the 60% and 70% increase, that’s still not the important part. What you’ve done for the three of us in our business is mentally changed how we perform our business. We are not a peddler of a good, we are a professional offering services. And that alone has changed the scope of how we perform our business. It makes us more confident, more proud of our company, and it sets us apart from anyone else.”

A big future ahead. 

What’s Their Advice to You?

“Just write the check [and join the ‘Inner Circle’]. It was initially a little bit of a leap of faith for us. But they have absolutely delivered and over-delivered from day one. So, for me, it’s not like we’re hiring, for me, this is a partnership we have. They were willing to invest in us to begin with because I know for all the work they did, they have really front-loaded a lot of expense. And they were willing to wait for the return on investment over time. And I personally have so much appreciated that, but they have absolutely delivered and I feel like rather than they’re a company that we hire for a service, that we have a partnership with them and that is something that we have not had before.”

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