The Story of Orange & Gray

Phil M Jones first met the hearing care industry back in 2011. Since that point he has delivered hundreds of trainings and seminars and consulted with dozens of aspiring and established practices across the globe.

This transparency and repeated access to the industry bought many rewards and a number of giant frustrations too!

The challenge was, he was advising clinics on exactly what they need to do and exactly how they should do it, and these clinics wanted to take action and either tried to get things done themselves or turned to local marketing agencies to implement these strategies, they were facing the same struggle.

If they tried to do it themselves, they either failed to implement fully or quickly realised they did not have the competence or the band width to achieve what was required.

When they looked for external support, most agencies just didn’t get it!

They didn’t understand the industry, they didn’t understand sophisticated lifecycle marketing and instead, they just delivered cookie-cutter templated websites, mailers and generic social media posts that made a tiny dent in the potential of what is possible.

With big box retailers aggressively marketing better priced hearing technology, talks of the introduction of OTC hearing aids and an identity crisis amongst clinics throughout the US, Phil decided that there had to be a better way.

So, in 2016, Phil reached out to one of the smartest marketing minds he knew and turned to fellow Brit, Oli Luke, to discuss the challenges.

Phil’s and Oli’s paths originally crossed 3 years previous when Phil hired Oli’s services to help craft his own messaging and develop his online footprint to dramatically grow his speaking and training business.

At the time, Oli was running a highly regarded UK marketing agency that used cutting-edge online marketing strategies to help businesses in highly competitive marketplaces to quickly grow revenue, increase marketshare and deploy retention strategies through lifecycle marketing.

They met over a coffee in the Buckinghamshire countryside to discuss the size of the issue and what could be done about it.

Phil introduced the hearing care industry, explained the challenges that clinics faced from outside forces and the strategies that he’d been teaching that weren’t being implemented effectively.

But the big dangling carrot for Oli was an opportunity to test his marketing calibre in an industry where clinics are selling something that people fundamentally don’t want to buy and all of the sensitive issues surrounding the hearing care profession.

In this conversation, Orange & Gray was born.

Since then, Phil and Oli have been developing strategies to help the US’ leading hearing care clinics to increase revenue, raise local awareness and build businesses that their clients can be really proud of.

The strategies are then executed by a highly-skilled team based in their UK office, as well as a team of some of the most talented contractors from across the world with specific areas of expertise.

This ensures that regardless of how marketing changes, what the data shows or what new strategies consist of, the business can remain light on its feet to always be several steps ahead of other agencies and work on the leading edge of what can be achieved.

Orange & Gray now partner with a select group of the US’ best hearing care clinics, strategizing and executing cutting-edge strategies to build databases of patients for life, attract a consistent flow or private-pay patients and develop value propositions that make them untouchable to outside market forces.

The services provided for clinics is very similar to what many others claim to do … HOW these services are delivered and the results that are achieved is where the difference really exists.

Think of it this way, many companies “claim” to deliver expert advice and continuity of care to their patients – only a select few truly deliver a difference worth patients paying for – we work with those clinics to help celebrate their unique differences and educate their local markets why they are the #1 hearing care solution in their market.

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“Orange & Gray has helped our practice by developing a beautiful website that is easy for our patients to navigate. Since working with them we have noticed a big improvement in our online presence. There is more traffic directed to our website, an increased number of online requests, and a greater number of new patients being seen in our office.”

– Kami King, Scottsdale ENT