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Call with Phil M Jones

Having been consulting and speaking in the hearing care industry since 2011, Phil regularly speaks to private practice owners that feel like they have run out of ideas.


They have built a great business, got a lot of things right, and are experiencing success.

But they’re unsure on what they should do next.

  • Their marketing is working but not delivering any remarkable returns.
  • Their sales are good, but they’re unsure on what the catalyst could be to consistently increase them.
  • Their team is working to a high standard, but they know that they could be performing better.
  • They know they have a good business but are hungry to make it the best it possibly can be.

These individual circumstances are where he’s been able to add the most value within this industry by understanding the ambitions of the business owner, learning more about the inner workings, and discovering the opportunities that will deliver the most significant outcomes.

He then helps them to gain clarity and remove the roadblocks by mapping out exactly what they need to focus on, where the opportunities are within their business, and the key projects that they should be focusing on.

This gives them tremendous clarity and a roadmap to move forward.

The way that he has done this has been through “Private Consultations.”

What is a Private Consultation?

Lasting around 90 minutes, these calls allow you and Phil to openly discuss your business, your challenges, and your ambitions.

He’ll ask the key questions to understand your model, your pricing, and what you do now, and then prod to discover where the biggest opportunities are within your business and within your location.

He’ll then make suggestions for where your key focuses should be in order to drive forward, with a step-by-step breakdown of key actions.

This may include your value proposition, your model, your pricing, your staff, or, in most cases, a combination of all.

You will then be able to walk away from the call with a clear direction of what’s next, where you should be focusing, and what your future business looks like.

What’s The Investment?

If you would like to schedule a “Deep Dive” call, then the investment is $1,500. This is inclusive of the call, along with the recording and the transcripts of the call for your future reference.

In a situation where you don’t believe the call has been worth the investment, then you will be refunded instantaneously – the aim of this call is to ensure you’re committed, serious, and are willing to take action.


How to Get Started and Schedule Your ‘Private Consultation’

To schedule your “Private Consultation,” simply complete the questionnaire by clicking the button so that Phil can learn more about you.

His assistant will then reach out to schedule a convenient time for you.

“Before working with Orange & Gray, our website would maybe get one or two inquiries per month, but now we’re pulling patients through online sources consistently and predictably, which is translating into revenue.

During the 12 months that we’ve worked with you, our revenue has grown by 60%.”

Dr. Scott Marquardt

Clarity Hearing, TX

“Orange & Gray has helped take our business from great to fantastic!  Their fresh ideas on marketing methods keep the patients flowing into our office. I used to get a lot of ideas thrown at me but Orange & Gray gives me ideas and methodical ways of implementing them.

I would describe Orange & Gray as a secret weapon.  The combination of coaching and marketing has elevated my business to new heights.”

Dr. Sally Miranda

All About Hearing, TX

“I know that most audiologists are in the position that we were in, are tired of people doing the same thing. Orange & Gray’s ‘Inner Circle’ bring brand new ideas, things we would never come up with and push us out of our comfort zone to figure out what we are capable of achieving.

We’ve been at this a long time, and the ‘Inner Circle’ have changed the game for us, they have changed our business!”

Dr. Tracy Board

Audicles Hearing Services, TX

Who is Phil M Jones?

Phil M Jones is a best-selling author of Exactly What To Say, Exactly How To Sell, and Exactly Where To Start. To date, over two million people, across 57 different countries, have benefitted from his lessons.

As a serial entrepreneur, author, and consultant, Phil understands the fine margins that make the most significant impact to moving the needle. By knowing exactly what to say, he demystifies the challenges that stand in the way of business owners and leaders to help them see clarity of exactly what they need to do next.

Having been toe-to-toe with over 2,500 providers from over 23 different countries, Phil’s experience of what works, what doesn’t work, and where the future of the industry is going is highly respected.