Three Real Marketing Campaigns That You Can Run Without Selling Your Soul, Making Stupid Offers, or Using Gimmicks

Written by Oli Luke
Look at this picture.

Do you know what that is?

Marketing is NOT a Silver Bullet

It’s a silver bullet.

It’s what the majority of people in this industry are looking for.

That one secret, that one strategy, that one direct mail piece … that one piece of marketing that is going to drive all the revenue.

But come close as I have a secret to tell you.

* Whisper … “It doesn’t exist.” *

There isn’t a miraculous short-cut.

The clinics that will win throughout 2020 and beyond understand that the real strategy for winning with marketing is to do the right things consistently.

There are three foundations that you must have in place. You can then look towards revenue-spiking campaigns.

In this article, I want to walk you through these campaigns and share the steps that you can take to run the same campaigns in your business.

But first, let’s look at the three foundations that you must have in place first.

They are:

  1. A website that clearly demonstrates your value proposition
  2. Expert content that attracts, educates, and helps patients
  3. A nurturing process to convert leads into prospects

If you have these in place, you can then create joined-up marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

But before I jump into the specifics of the campaigns, I want to talk about speed.

Because some people have a belief that the more campaigns and the harder that you “sell” – the more successful your results.

But this isn’t true.

You must go slowly in order to fast.

What this means is that trying to build and run several campaigns simultaneously is going to result in several campaigns being rushed and not being executed correctly, while sending mixed messages to patients/outside world.

The most effective way to run marketing campaigns is to focus on QUARTERS.

This means that for each quarter – you only have one campaign planned.

By only focusing on one campaign, you can effectively plan the campaign, you can ensure that all the messaging is joined up to maximize its performance, and you can ensure it’s executed.

But most importantly, from your patients’ or prospects’ perspective, the marketing campaigns mean something – they’re not a gimmick.

This way, you can use your content marketing and nurturing piece to “give” and then only “ask” on a few occasions per year – putting all goodwill and trust on your side, whereas practically every other clinic gives nothing and just “asks.”

So, you’re probably wondering what campaigns that you can run – and although I’m not going to give you our heavily-guarded handbook of campaigns, I do want to share three campaigns that you could use over the next three quarters with a breakdown of the goal – what is needed and what you would need to do.

Campaign #1 – Hear for the Holidays


To generate private pay sales


To raise awareness and build trust in your community


In its simplest form, this is a hearing aid giveaway campaign where people can nominate themselves, loved ones, or friends to win a free hearing aid.

The winner is then announced, and everybody that didn’t win receives a runner-up prize, which is $1,000.00 off a hearing care package, resulting in a large number of nominees scheduling to claim their runner-up prize.


The campaign involves:

  • A nomination page on the website with a supporting story
  • An email series to your database introducing the campaign and encouraging nominations
  • Social banners to share messaging
  • A social media campaign to promote the competition
  • A paid social media ad campaign to drive targeted traffic to the page
  • In-office postcards and posters to encourage patients to nominate
  • Talk triggers for all key office staff to introduce the campaign when on the phone or with a patient

Campaign #2 – Physician Focus


To develop relationships with new physicians to refer patients towards you


To build more trust through your website to position yourself as the “most trusted” experts in your community


This campaign plays to physicians’ biggest trigger – their ego.

You contact your local physicians to introduce a local online health resource that you’re creating (in your blog) and ask them if you’d be able to interview them.

The interview will feature in a series that you’re calling “Physician Focus” and will allow the community to get to know you and for you to share your story.

Physicians will naturally raise their hand and want to be part of this – you then have the opportunity to sit with them and interview them to turn into an article on your website – but most importantly, it allows you to introduce hearing care and have the referral conversation.

This gets you through the door with physicians, gives you permission to introduce yourself, and it builds trust through your website that you’re aligned with so many local physicians.


  • A “Physician Focus” logo
  • A category in your blog dedicated to physician interviews
  • A reach-out campaign to physicians to ask for the interview (through direct mail and phone call)
  • An editor to turn your interviews into articles on your blog

Campaign #3 – Hearing Health Awareness Month




Position yourself as local hearing care experts and plant the seed in people’s minds about hearing loss


This campaign develops a fictional state-wide “Hearing Health Awareness Month” and then uses this as a reason to shout about the importance of hearing health.

Through sharing hearing health-related content across your blog, across social media, and across your newsletter – you use the incentive of offering free screenings throughout “Hearing Health Awareness Month” (positioning yourselves as the good guys).

This results in a bunch of people that are concerned about their hearing health having a complimentary screening and due the campaign, prioritizing the importance of hearing health first and having the offer of a complimentary appointment second, the people that respond have educated themselves and are often more on the premium side of the market.


  • Logo created for the state-wide “Hearing Health Awareness Month”
  • A dedicated page on your website to this month-long program that has the option to schedule a complimentary screening
  • Video content from all your audiologists sharing content about the importance of caring for your hearing
  • A social media campaign promoting the messaging
  • Social media banners reflecting the messaging
  • An email campaign to your database promoting the incentive

You Choose Your Quarter and Choose Your Campaign

They are just 3 of 16 campaigns that we choose for our clients depending on what the clinic needs most and what fits any external events that are happening.

But by being able to solely focus on one campaign with one objective, you can double-down on the execution and maximize the results, rather than spreading yourselves thin and building several poorly-executed campaigns.

This is what real marketing looks like.

No gimmicks, no rep coming to town that patients will care about, and no coupons.


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