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Notice two things about this website

  1. There are no images
  2. And it is just a boring ugly font on a plain page.

Both are big marketing “no, no’s”

They break all the supposed ruless (look, it even has a spelling error!)

Tut, tut.

Yet you’ve somehow found this purposely difficult-to-find website.

You’re reading every word.

And you’re about to learn a BIG marketing lesson that only a small handful of private practices are using to grow and thrive (but more on that shortly).

Because here's what’s interesting.

We are now 10 paragraphs into this page ... and you have read every word so far, even though this doesn’t have a headline, any images, a logo or even any colors.

And yet, you are still reading.

I could direct your attention anywhere.

Notice the temperature of your right hand? It’s warmer than your left hand, isn’t it... and it’s getting warmer.

But enough of that.

What matters is that this has your attention with plain text.

No videos, no pictures, and no big colorful buttons.

So, why are you reading this? Even though I haven’t said anything of value?

Well, there’s a big reason for it.

It’s because one important thing has happened already.

In fact, it happened before you even visited this website.

What is it?

It’s the planning that went into everything that has happened BEFORE you landed on this website.

That’s because, before you could make it to this website, you had some form of understanding of who Orange & Gray are and what the Inner Circle is all about.

That could have come from:

But your journey to reach this point was not as straightforward as Googling “marketing” and finding us.

There was work before the work.

You heard of us (likely in a positive light) before you entered this site ... 300 words ago ... and for that reason, you're spending your very precious time reading this boring font, on this boring page.

#1 - Here's your first big marketing lesson

In today’s world, people do not make a complicated decision by Googling their options and choosing the first website that they find.

Just like this, for example.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you had found us on Google ... but by controlling the conversation prior to you reaching this website, you are reading this. Word-for-word.

The same thing applies in your world.

People within your community that have a hearing challenge do NOT just Google “Hearing Aids”, select the first option that appears, and schedule an appointment

They used to.

But not so much anymore.

The decision-making process is far more complex.

It takes time ... and a large part of this decision-making process sits away from what your website says or looks like.

Yet the large majority of private practices don’t understand this.


They then find themselves confused as to why they’re not getting the results that they want.

It’s because they’re focusing on the wrong things.

Just as you’re discovering on this page, there’s much more intelligence that goes into influencing the decision-making process in today's world.

That ties into marketing lesson #2.

And this lesson is right in front of you.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s not to have an ugly website.

Nor is it to write thousands of words in a boring font.

It’s that what you’ve likely been taught about marketing in today’s world is wrong or out-dated.

Think about it ...

The fact that you’re reading this and we haven’t followed any of the supposed marketing rules is a big lesson.

Because here’s the marketing secret that the industry marketing agencies don't want you to know ...

** come close so I can whisper **

There's no secrets.

If you want to WIN with marketing year on year, it's a lot of strategic thinking and a lot of actually DOING the work.

A website and some SEO just doesn't cut it

And it's no surprise ... just think about how much has changed over recent years

What used to work no longer does.

You've likely felt one of the following:

Let the fact that you’re reading this PROVE that in today’s world, the old principles of having a beautiful website and being number one on Google are no longer the most important things.

The question is, what should you do in today’s world to sustainably grow a private practice with all the odds against you?

The answer is simpler than you may think…

All you need to do is…

1 - Tell your truth.

2 - Prove that truth.

3 - Keep proving that truth.

It sounds easy, but if you want to do it correctly and truly move the needle, then it’s a LOT of work.

You need to:

If you do all of this to a high standard, then you’ll be able to sustainably grow your clinic, become the most trusted local provider in your area, and build a highly valuable business.

But it requires a lot of work and a lot of expertise.

That’s what the Inner Circle has been developed to do.

But don't get it twisted ... this is not a "sales pitch".

This is a warning.

Because the Inner Circle is not right for everybody ... in fact, it's not right for most clinics.

If you believe that there is some magic marketing beans ... then it's not right.

If you're looking to do ZERO work and outsource your marketing responsibility ... then it's not right.

It's only RIGHT for private practices that are hungry to do the work, want to grow and are enjoyable to work with

Still reading? Over 1500 words in? Well that suggests this may be a good fit.

It suggests that you do a wonderful job for patients, have a great business, and are hungry to do more … but don’t believe your story or brilliance is clear for the world to see.

Sound about right?

Excellent ... but before I share a link with you so that you can download a walkthrough to learn more, there’s one big thing that you need to understand.

We’re not some big marketing agency.

We’re marketing partners to the best private practices.

For this reason, we only ever work with 100 members ... and we’re very fussy about who we say yes to.

If you believe you’re in the top 100 private practices in North America, then I encourage you to proceed.

Click Here to Learn More About the Inner Circle

Thanks for reading.

Speak soon

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Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orange & Gray

P.S – Do me a favor, keep this page a secret!

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