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What ‘Inner Circle’ Members Say

“Before working with Orange & Gray, our website would maybe get one or two inquiries per month, but now we’re pulling patients through online sources consistently and predictably, which is translating into revenue.

During the 12 months that we’ve worked with you, our revenue has grown by 60%.”

Dr. Scott Marquardt

Clarity Hearing, TX

“Orange & Gray has helped take our business from great to fantastic!  Their fresh ideas on marketing methods keep the patients flowing into our office. I used to get a lot of ideas thrown at me but Orange & Gray gives me ideas and methodical ways of implementing them.

I would describe Orange & Gray as a secret weapon.  The combination of coaching and marketing has elevated my business to new heights.”

Dr. Sally Miranda

All About Hearing, TX

“I know that most audiologists are in the position that we were in, are tired of people doing the same thing. Orange & Gray’s ‘Inner Circle’ bring brand new ideas, things we would never come up with and push us out of our comfort zone to figure out what we are capable of achieving.

We’ve been at this a long time, and the ‘Inner Circle’ have changed the game for us, they have changed our business!”

Dr. Tracy Board

Audicles Hearing Services, TX

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